I.T. Dimensions

Your Information Technology Partner

Business Contingency Planning - Our experts will check your contingency plans for disasters and outages, and provide solutions designed to ensure that your business will survive worst case scenarios.

Cabling - We will get the cabling you need to connect your systems securely and run those cables professionally and aesthetically.

Database Development and Tuning - Our Database Experts will help you design a database to meet your needs, or simply examine a database with nagging little problems and recommend soutions.

Hosted Exchange - If your business is too small for your own server system but you need the functionality provided in an exchange network, we have solutions to meet your needs.  

Network and Security Diagnosis - Our professional technicians will check your network and computer systems for security and performance issues, and present an overall report with solutions to tighten your security.

Maintanance and Management Services - We routinely check your computer systems and network remotely and, when needed, on site to ensure that your computing environments are up and running the way you need them to be.

Offsite Backup Storage - Having a backup of your data is critical, having a copy stored off site is equally important. We have various solutions to meet your archiving needs.

Project Management - If you are upgrading your system or changing your location, building software or websites, or makeing any other changes to your computer systems, we will help you plan and manage the entire process.

Relocation Planning - Moving from one location to another can be stressful!  Let us help you plan the requirements for your new location, plan the outage and relocation of your equipment, and help with the restoration of services at your new location to ensure that your employees are down for the minimum time and your productivity is maintained during the move.

Repair Services - For our residential customers who do not want a maintenance package. We will come to your home or office, diagnose the problem, and give you an estimate.  If you choose to have us do the work, we typically fix your problem on the spot.  For more serious issues we will pick up your computer, take it to our facility for work, and deliver the computer back to you upon completion.

Software Development - We develop software solutions from simple utilities to complete enterprise applications.

Spam Filtering - We provide Online Spam filtering that prevents most spam without blocking your good messages.

Training - We have training programs available for most computing needs, from very basic classes to advanced and focused training on specific tasks.

Wireless Management - Our Technicians will plan and install your wireless networks, ensuring that you get the coverage and security that you require.

Website Design - We develop websites using a variety of technologies. We build everything from quick sites that don't change very often to full e-commerce store fronts.

Website Hosting - We are the only Fremont County company that builds and hosts websites on its own in house servers.

Cloud Computing - We can help you transition to cloud services and help you manage your cloud and internal computing systems.


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